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In our resources section you will find a selection of reports, leaflets, maps and poster about Wadden Sea World Heritage for you to download. You can select resources by a language or by a type of resource.

Exhibition: 35 Years Trilateral Cooperation

The exhibition presented at the Wadden Sea Day 2014 highlights the achievements of over 35 years of sucessful transboundatry cooperation.

Download (PDF, 17MB)

Wattenmeerplan 2010

Joint Declaration on the Protection of the Wadden Sea

World Heritage Poster

The official poster (in various sizes and as download) which introduces the “place where heaven and earth share the same stage”

Download (PDF, 2MB)

The Wadden Sea is full of wonders

A small booklet with information about the 25 ambassadors of the Wadden Sea. It is available at the information centres (price 1.50 €). To order 500 copies of more please write to

Download (PDF, 896KB)

A bright outlook! Feasibility study on climate-friendly tourism in the Wadden Sea region.

The feasibility study analysis the climate footprint and gives concrete recommendations for a climate-friendly tourism

Wadden Sea World Heritage Map

Official map of the property

Download (JPEG image, 406KB)

Sustainable Tourism in the Wadden Sea World Heritage Destination

The strategy provides a framework for all tourism stakeholders in the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark to contribute to the protection of the World Heritage property and, at the same time, benefit from it.

Download (PDF, 3MB)

World Heritage Brand Paper

A description of the "World Heritage Brand" translates the "Outstanding Universal Value" defining the essence, values, core characteristics and mission of the brand.

Download (PDF, 28MB)

The Wadden Sea Flyway Initiative

The Wadden Sea Flyway Initiative is strengthening the conservation of migratory birds along the whole East-Atlantic Flyway.

Download (PDF, 5MB)

Our Wadden Sea World Heritage

Official leaflet introducing the World Heritage property.

Download (PDF, 20MB)

PROWAD - Protect & Prosper: Sustainable Tourism in the Wadden Sea

The report from the meeting of the European Marine World Heritage sites. It gives an overview of the main management challenges at the sites and indentifies the main work fields for a future cooperation of the site in the framework of the UNESCO World Heritage Marine Programme.

Download (PDF, 1MB)