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Class trips to the Wadden Sea

On school trips and field excursions in the ‘boundless’ Wadden Sea, children and teenagers get to know their common natural and cultural heritage in several ways and learn to see the Wadden Sea in an international context.

The Wadden Sea is a popular and proven topic for (interdisciplinary) classroom teaching, as it is complex, concise and can be linked to many subjects.

A network of environmental education centres along the coast and on the islands of the Danish, Dutch and German Wadden Sea regions offers a variety of attractive destinations. Each can offer different activities around nature and landscape, culture and history, as well as national and international protection of the Wadden Sea.

Common principles and standards of environmental education form the basis of all IWSS activities. The participating educational institutions of all Wadden Sea regions meet regularly to exchange experiences and jointly develop new activities and projects.

A comprehensive guide makes organising a school trip to the Wadden Sea straightforward, with information about legal, organisational and practical aspects of school trip planning as well as detailed information.